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Sunglasses: the Perfect Fit

Sunglasses: the Perfect Fit

Buying a great pair of sunglasses is always a wise fashion investment. Choose the right pair for you, and it might become your very own timeless classic, and part of your trademark look (think, Anna Wintour!)

A good pair of sunglasses will also protect your eyes from UV light…so there are more practical health reasons to walk around in some decent shades!
I have a small face so it can be a little tricky for me to find sunglasses that are a perfect fit for me. But if you are like me, then do opt for a small a frame as possible. There’s nothing more comical than a large pair of sunglasses that swamp a person’s features.

I also like sunglasses that are comfortable to wear and easily paired with different stylish outfits. So when searching through the Sunglasses Shop website for a new frame, the Ray Ban RB3548N – which comes in gold or tortoiseshell frames – immediately stood out for me and ticked all the right boxes.

Ray-ban has always been one of my favourites when it comes to sunglasses . This particular one is a slightly different variation on a timeless classic piece and comes with a more angular variation of the more traditional round or rectangular shapes. The lenses themselves are flat rather than curved. These ones have been handcrafted in Italy, and include mineral glass lenses that provide the wearer with perfect clarity.

I literally could not take these glasses off during my recent holiday in Mykonos – and you can check all of my different styles on my Instagram.


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