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There are two things guaranteed to make my face look slightly more lively and presentable to the world, the first is mascara, and the second is filled brows. I am always looking for my new favourite and I have found it! WUNDERBROW, this product will stay and will last and last, and I’m pleased to say it really works.
This little tube gave me almost totally budge-proof brows that stood up to the various tests of hot and sweaty days, swimming, rain, water rides that splash you in the face… the lot!
Here below is a video I made for you to check it out:

Wunderbrow is a tinted brow gel and you need to apply it directly to your brows with a Precision Brush, and you can use it to fill gaps in your brows and define them.

The product goes on fairly liquid, and dries really quickly, so there’s no running or smudging.  Once it’s dry, it really doesn’t go anywhere, even when you get your face wet.  Wunderbrow is long lasting, it’s not hard to remove with a the Wundercleanse, but you can also remove it with a normal cleanser but it takes slightly longer.

Fernanda’s Tips: For a better result, remove every night and add it again in the morning to look fresh!

My colour chosen was: Brown/Black

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