Style Consultant

My name is Fernanda Farizel Zorzal, and I would like to welcome you to my world.

In my blog I want to share with you a whole spectrum of tips and ideas about how you can look your absolute best – but most importantly feel good about yourself. It’s not about you as a woman conforming to the ideals and stereotypes that others create for you, but it’s about each of you projecting your own unique beauty to the outside world. And I will do all that I can to bring out the best in you!

Before we go any further, just a few lines about me. I was born and raised in Brazil – but combine my Brazilian heritage with Italian as well. I came to England in 2007, and having studied and worked here since, consider London to be my home too. I now divide my time between studying Fashion Design at the University of the Arts, London, working as a model, and also advising my clients as a personal shopper and style consultant.

Over the past six years as a model I have appeared on the catwalk and in shows, as well as shot for ad campaigns for a range of brands from various countries including France, Australia, Peru, Colombia, and of course from England too. This has given my sense of style and fashion something of a multi-cultural perspective, and encouraged me to explore and experiment with looks that bring out the best in me. And in the blogs and posts that I put down here, this is something that I want to encourage you to do also by moving out of your comfort zone a little more. Each of us knows which looks and styles work best for us, but I would like you to try something new from time to time too.

I firmly believe that anyone’s sense of fashion and style is something of a journey that will evolve over months and years. But ladies, always remember to look your very best and turn that journey in to your very own catwalk.


One of the more stressful pre-occupations that all ladies have is what to wear for a given occasion. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a night out, a friend’s wedding, a job interview, a first date – or meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time,…deciding what to wear can give any girl sleepless nights!

So, why not allow me to guide you, and solve your dilemma of choosing the perfect look for that special day or event?

I provide a one to one consultancy service where I will put together – piece by piece – a range of outfits that give you both comfort and confidence, and most of all, have you looking drop dead gorgeous!

We can do this in two ways. First of all there is what I call the “Wardrobe Check-Up” – where I go through your existing selection of clothes with you, and advise on how best to co-ordinate the items that you currently have. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can provide you with a little creative spark, and help revitalise your wardrobe altogether! Or while assessing what you have, I can also see what it is that you are missing – and then suggest a few new additions.

And on the other hand, if you prefer to look at something altogether fresh and new, then I am able to organise a personal shopping experience where I will source all the new items that you require. We can do this together in person, or I can follow your instructions over the phone or by email.

But first of all, I like to start with a blank sheet of paper and you tell me what’s in your head, and what it is that you are after. I can give you a million and one ideas on how to dress – but you need to feel comfortable in what it is that you are wearing.

Always remember, that our clothes are simply an outward expression of our inner selves. And I want you to show the world what a truly amazing person you are!

You tell me what you want to achieve – and I will have you looking the part.

If you would like more information about my style consultancy and personal shopping services, including fees and availability, then please feel free to email me at

Lots of love,