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Making Your Yoga Pants Look Even More Sassy

Making Your Yoga Pants Look Even More Sassy

If you follow me on Instagram – @FernandaZorzal– then you will already know that I love fashionable fitness wear and yoga pants! So not only am I always looking for the most stylish and functional gym-wear, but I also want to find new ways to maintain that sporty look even when I’m not working out.

Nowadays we see even more women than usual in their gym kit pretty much all day long. From the school run for yummy mummies, to standing in line for a coffee at Starbucks, or even when going to lectures at college, athleisure has become a fashion staple for ladies of all backgrounds. The key though is how to turn the standard yoga pants into a part of a great little outfit that you can wear around the city whatever the time of day.

Start From the Top

Before going into detail about the yoga patents themselves, let’s start from the top. In my case I have chosen a baby pink leather jacket from Jane Norman. A structured leather jacket is the perfect match, whether worn, draped around the shoulders, or tied around the waist.

Dress For The Occasion

Yoga pants have become as much of a style statement as they have a part of your gym kit. But the key though is not to overdo the “I-am-just-on-my-way-to-the-gym” look if you are wearing them in a more casual setting.  So, comfy footwear is fine – even a pair of funky trainers – as long as they are not the same ones you wear when pounding the treadmill! Sports bras are fine too, as long as they are cute. And don’t forget the jacket from above, especially if you end up in a restaurant at some point in the day.

Fabric First

There’s nothing worse than seeing those girls who have gone for yoga pants that are almost transparent. You don’t want people staring at you for all the wrong reasons, so I would advise a strong and thicker fabric, but one that still allows your skin to breathe (especially as we approach the warmer months of the year) – like my one in the picture from Topshop.

A Little Extra Colour

A lot depends on who you are, and where you might be wearing your yoga pants, but they don’t always have to be the standard black or grey. It’s not compulsory – trust me! Smile a little with your outfit, and why not go for something a little more colourful as I always do with my yoga pants.

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