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Finding The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Holiday

Finding The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Holiday

A great pair of sunglasses is one of the first things to add to your tick list when packing for your holiday. Not only does it make a fashion statement on your behalf, but a good quality pair will also protect your eyes from harmful UV light.

Size, shape and colour are the three main criteria you should look at when searching for a new pair. Personally, I go for comfort as well – and sometimes also something a little different in style. So, when browsing through the Sunglasses Shop website for a new frame, the Moschino MOS006/S Black immediately stood out for me and ticked all the right boxes for my holiday style.

Although sunglasses are accessories in themselves, it can sometimes be a good idea to top them off with a little something else – as I have done with this baker boy hat. As you will see, I have also gone for this see-through dress, and added a little extra with this gorgeous pair of shades, as they complement each other perfectly!


Sunglasses Shop: MOSCHINO 

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