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The key to putting together a summer holiday wardrobe, is to create a capsule of outfits that give you as much versatility as possible. Each piece should be something that can be worn in different circumstances and on various occasions at different times of the day. After all, the whole thing about a summer holiday is that you get to kick back, switch off – and not have to look at the clock. The afternoon should merge in to the evening, and the evening will then drift into one long and seemingly endless and magical night.
So, when you’re writing down your lists of what to pack, I’d start with few items that work regardless of the time of day.

For this shoot I have collaborated with my friend, the stunning Taislany who also happens to be a blogger. We have both gone for different pieces from Superdry, that form part of their amazing summer 2017 collection.

As a first tip I would suggest that you wear the Jumper after a long day at the beach – when you simply want to kick back with your friends without too much frills, fuss or effort. Especially if you haven’t had the time to get changed from your beach clothes – then all you need do is to slip the jumper on top and you will still look gorgeous!

The appropriate eyewear is always a must on holiday, and these  sunglasses are a perfect option. The frame works especially well for those of you who may have smaller faces, as I do.

Taislany’s outfit is a great option for when you might want to go out and about in during the day. It will serve you well whether you’re out for a lunch date, or strolling around the shops. Taislany has also gone for the versatile and timeless denim jacket (which is always useful as an extra layer for any sudden changes in the weather!)

Fernanda’s Superdry Outfit:

Jumper: BUY IT HERE | Sunglasses: BUY IT HERE

Taislany’s Superdry Outfit:

Dress: BUY IT HERE | Denim Jacket: BUY IT HERE

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I hope you enjoyed our shoot, just as much as we did!

Lots of love,

em June 03, 2017



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