Hello Fresh – They say that the road to looking and feeling great starts in the kitchen, and with what you eat. The problem though, is that time isn’t always on your side, when it comes to going out shopping to find all the right ingredients you need to prepare the kind of healthy meals that can really make the difference.

So, I was amazed when I came across HelloFresh who are able to deliver to your front door a sizzling array of recipes and ingredients to help you prepare just the type of food that will keep you on track.

You can go for boxes from HelloFresh that come as The Classic Box, The Veggie Box and also The Family Box – depending on your own requirements. And each comes with a recipe card that takes you step by step to creating the most delicious meals!

I went for The Classic Box that contains three meals for two people. The portions are also precisely calculated and so you won’t have to go around measuring things out for yourself.

Take it from me, this is a mouth-watering way to keep your nutritional goals on track!

The ingredients below:

Hello Fresh box

Garlic Prawns made by me with Hello Fresh Ingredients and recipe.


Hello Fresh have also set an exclusive promotional code which is available to you guys:


Offer: 50% off your first and second HelloFresh box.

Lots of love

Fernanda x

em August 21, 2017



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