As I have always said to you my dear readers, looking sexy is a state of mind – firstly yours, but also the minds of those gazing at you! The sexy look.

But should you decide to dress down a little – say for a less formal occasion or event – you can still ooze sex appeal, but with a more casual approach to what it is that you’re wearing. What I am trying to say is that you don’t necessarily need that figure hugging £1500 Herve Leger dress to accentuate your curves. The same effect can still be achieved in an “everyday” outfit – as long as the sexiness comes from within!

That said though, it always helps to accentuate your curves. One little tip I would give you is to opt for a pair of well-fitting jeans. I would go for a high waist which slims down your midriff, and perfectly enhances your butt! Works every time – trust me!

As well as your outfit though, you should also make use of your own natural assets. And where better to start than by bringing your hair to life, and make it float a little!

Not all of us are blessed with a natural wave or curly hair I do have long hair – but lack the curls – and so to get the look that I have achieved in these pictures, I needed to put in a little effort and preparation beforehand.

So, I would start by washing my hair the night before. It’s always worth remembering that before you add any product to style your hair, it’s best not to have it too clean, as it would be if you had washed it just a few hours before. That’s why I recommend a good wash 24 hours or so before – and that should do the trick.

If you are like me and tend to get your hair all tangly in the morning, then start by giving it a good brush to get all those kinks and knots out.

I would then add a great product called “GHD Style Curl Hold” (see photo below) – followed by some intricate handiwork with this “DIVA Professional Styling” to curl my hair.

And then to top it all off, I’d use “L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray Very Volume”. To give your hair a softer and lighter texture (that floatiness I was talking about), then I would add some Moroccan oil at the ends. But do remember this should only be for the ends of your hair: otherwise if you drench your hair in it, it’ll all look a little too greasy.

That’s it…and you’re ready to rock n’ roll!

Style of the day is TOPSHOPJEANS | CROP TOP BACKPACK | CHOCKER| Trainers are from Nike

Photographer: Fernando BA Photography

Here are the products I talked about.

Lots of love and happy styling,

Fernanda x

em November 21, 2016



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