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I was thrilled to bits this week to be given a dress from the new collection by Little Mistress, which is very much my style and is absolutely stunning! Before I go into more detail about this amazing dress, I thought I might also mention the gorgeous pink sunset that we had in London a few days ago.
It’s not something you see every evening – especially when you are shooting in the middle of Canary Wharf and this magical hue takes over the scene. I love watching the sun go down, especially when it casts this wonderful pink glow that matches my outfit!


Lace Dress: LITTLE MISTRESS | Choker: RIVER ISLAND | Shoes: NEW LOOK (similar)

Anyway, let me tell you a little more about this beautiful pink dress:

Keep it simple

Don’t drown out the intricate detail of the lace with too many embellishments or accessories. Instead, keep any additions to a minimum. Choose just a pair of heels and a shiny choker for a little added elegance.  You really don’t need much more.

Keep Your Options Open

But ladies, do remember that simple doesn’t have to mean basic or bland though.  Add a touch (or two) of your own by throwing a blazer over your outfit if you feel you’d like to.

Day and Night

A lacy bodice and those heels are perfect for when it’s time time to sip a cocktail or two in the evening. But minus the choker, and paired off with flat sandals, and this dress works equally well during the day time for a more vibrant yet understated look.

Experiment With Colours

Even though you need not go over the top with other colours, you may always get the urge to try something that takes your outfit to another level. As for the choice of colour, well, I leave that entirely up to you. What we wear is an extension of our own personalities, and if you are feeling a little more cheery one morning, then why not spread that happiness with the vibrant shades in your outfit?

The Most Beautiful Sunsets From Around the Planet.

I have put together a list of what many consider to be the locations around the world from where you can enjoy the most breathtaking pink sunsets. And maybe one day you will get to visit all, or at least a couple of them – and of course when you will be in this stunning dress or something similar!
* The Taj Mahal, India
* The Atacama Desert, Chile
*  The Matterhorn, Switzerland
* Punta del Este, Uruguay
* Zanzibar
* Siem Reap, Cambodia
* Isle of Skye, Scotland
* Santa Monica, California
* The Maasai Mara, Kenya
* Sussex, England

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Do drop me a line and tell me if you have been to any of these places – I would love to know!
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em June 26, 2017



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